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12-28-2011, 08:39 AM
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Originally Posted by RandyHolt View Post
@ Atlas, I call those "feel good" games for the home team. Let them have it.

Our tending while shoddy overall early in games; but I'd wager the record will show they are not getting early goal support themselves. If a team always gives up an early goal, no matter the reason, its one of those here we go again scenarios. We need to come out strong, and its no magic trick. You need to hit early and often. You can just flip the switch and say, hey lets score early today. Just a few big hits and everyone will say we came out strong.

Coming out strong is all about hitting; setting the tone, creating energy in the stands and on the bench, forcing turnovers, imposing our will, putting any timid players in their place; making a statement that its not going to be another laugher. Shiat, Ovi is bringing it tonight.

Hopefully, Voks brings his A game tonight. I want Huntsy to name Voks the undisputed #1 and then I want to bring Holtby up to back up and occasionally pitch a shutout. The only caveat to that is if the locker room is so screwed up that it'd infect Holtby, too.

Anyway, here's to hoping for a great win tonight and maybe we'll soon see a few good trades to get the chemistry right.

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