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Originally Posted by utmfisher19 View Post
Interesting... I wonder how the 3rd generation FieldTurf reacts to a soccer ball bouncing off of it. Does it race away or does the "grass" settle the ball down as it should...

Also, one of the links I showed mentioned the FieldTurf wasn't exactly "cheaper" in terms of maintenance costs. Do you know if this new generation of FieldTurf is indeed cheaper?

I'm interested to try this stuff out now. I wonder if baseball will turn to it?
Who knows, I read about one field, may have been a soccer pitch, where they integrated real grass and did a 50/50 blend.

On the injury research. I really want to see some solid research on professional levels. The initial research was done on high school football fields, I think there is probably too much variance at that level to accurately conclude one way or the other about the effect on injuries. How well was the surface installed? How well is it maintained? What kind of conditioning and medical staff do the HS teams have? What level of athletic ability did the players possess?

I don't know the accuracy of the costs listed in that article, but it does give a solid breakdown and lists FieldTurf as significantly cheaper to maintain. I think the first list of pricing in your link is probably the most accurate, where Fieldturf ranged from 13.7k-39.2k and grass from 8.1k-49k.

Although I presume that on the professional level, Grass is more expensive as the change out the sod more often and have higher payrolls for maintenance, while lower levels will let a bad field go longer to save cost.

The biggest factor is improvement over existing conditions. The Titans have never proven that they can grow a great field with their given soil/grass types. They could bring in fresh sod 3-4 times a season, but that cost would be astronomical. The newest FieldTurf would be a big improvement here, and in 10 years when it needs replacing, the technology will be even better.

Now if you're in an area that can grow a great grass field and it doesn't need constant replacing or tremendous upkeep, it's best to stick with that.

One consideration mentioned in several articles is that more and more lower level sports are installing synthetic surfaces since they are more accessible to youth (not as much down time for watering, mowing, sodding, etc.). As more and more youth grow up playing on the FieldTurf surfaces, they are likely to become accustomed to that surface and reject natural grass on the professional level.

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