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12-28-2011, 10:29 AM
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Also it seems that Football players are starting to prefer FieldTurf while Soccer players prefer grass. I think there are two main differences for this...

1. Soccer is played mostly with the ball on the actual surface. The ball responds differently on synthetic surfaces which is their main complaint. While in football, the game is played mostly with the ball in the players hands and is only on the ground for kicks. So the consideration for turf is only a matter of how it reacts underfoot.

2. Football is played with pads, and collisions mostly into the surface, the padding and surface has actually shown to reduce impact in that type of collision (hence the lower rate of head injury). Soccer has only shin pads, and their contact with the surface is mostly sliding across it, which I imagine would be more painful to the body as your knees, thighs, rear, side and arms are subject to brushing across the pellets.

Which goes back to my argument that we might host a WC event every once in a while, but the majority of use is by the hometown Titans which should be the main point of consideration.

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