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The Jersey Thread II

Originally Posted by IBleedUnionBlue View Post
Anyone know how the nike replicas fit? I was thinking of picking up a team Canada and customize it with Boone. I wear a XL rbk replica, a 52 in CCM and 54 in the edge.
Originally Posted by Mayor Bee View Post
Personally, I'd hold off for the following reasons:
1) Current styles tend to be prohibitively expensive
2) Replicas can usually be found after the fact for cheap, but you might have to wait a while
3) Post-2006 Nike replicas feel like a dentist's bib and are about as durable as the same
4) Very few places have the materials to properly customize a post-2006 NIke jersey
5) Even fewer places will do it correctly
I bought a 2010 Team Canada Nash swift replica from Icejerseys a few years back and although it was close, for some reason they decided not to use nameplates. Probably not a huge deal, but it wasn't right and didn't look very good. At some point or another I think they acknowledged the error but I never really paid attention to the forums then, so I missed a chance to get it fixed. Also, although it is a swift replica, it's nothing like the swift material that's like tissue paper. It's a lot closer to edge in that it's spongy and easy to snag.

For the purposes of a replica, icejerseys is probably your best bet to get it done right, As far as sizing, my Nash is a L and it's kind of small feeling, like somewhere between a M and L RBK replica or maybe a 50-52 edge 2.0/ 52-54 edge 1.0. If you happen to look at swift authentics, a good general rule is to add 4 to an edge 2.0 or airknit size, 2 to an edge 1.0 size. IOW, a 56 edge 2.0 is a 60 Nike. To give player comparisons, a guy like Pahlsson who wears a 56 2.0 wore a 60 Nike swift in the Olympics. I have a Jeff Carter swift that's a size 60 and I wouldn't be surprised if he wears a 54. They just run small, even replicas.

So, long story short, you'd want a 58 Authentic swift or a XXL, IMO.

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