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12-28-2011, 01:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Nex06 View Post
Regardless of dirtiness I question the efficiency of rules that the league has come up with, if that is not a penalty. Every couple of days I see one TERRIBLE penalty given for a hit that is IMHO perfectly clean. The only argument being, well, that it was monstrous hit, highlight reel material. 5 minute penalties for clean hits on open ice where nobody got hurt, except maybe one millionaire's ego. And yet here we see a push from behind with player's head hitting board. Let's leave aside what is legal and what isn't - this looks dangerous to me and those open ice hits (which lead to 5 min penalties) didn't. Here somebody got hurt, there nobody got hurt. Here when I see replay, I cringe, there I say "Hey, that is one MF hit!"

So bottom line, I question the efficiency, the rationalization of the rules if Gagne's situation is a consequence of a completely legal action. On a side note, that looks like boarding to me, illegal. I would definitely give a penalty there but that is just me. Gagne's head was pushed into boards, he didn't just fell on ice.

As I said in the other thread...guys can get concussions from perfectly legal hits. You can't just penalize guys because someone got hurt....

The rules should stay the absolute same as they are now. The league is doing a good job and the only reason that we are seeing this so called

"Concussion epidemic" is because the league is now taking more precautions then ever to figure out if a player has one and keep him out if he does.

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