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Originally Posted by Herby View Post
Highschool d-man?

He is a veteran of program that has sent numerous kids to the NHL, he will be at a college program (probably for one season) that has also sent numerous players to the NHL. He is playing in the premier tournament in the world that almost exclusively features 18 and 19 year olds and he is in it as a 17 year old.

You might want to google NTDP and take a look at their alumni third rate highschool league.
Does anyone really think the NTDP can take on a top level OHL team and stand a chance?

I agree it has moved a lot of players to the NHL, but not close to the number of players the CHL has. Its not who will be good 5 years from now, its who is good now, and the fact is CHL players play a much higher level of competition night in and out.

Just take a look from last year. 10 CHL players taken before a single USHL player. And the total count from the first round was 3 USHL players vs 20 CHL players. 2010 saw five players in the first round from USHL vs 17 CHL players (including the first 8 choices).
2009 five from USHL in the first round.

And almost none of them drafted through those three years had had a regular shift in the NHL (138 games I see roughly from 13 players) while CHL players have that almost from last year.

The simple fact is the CHL is composed of older more NHL ready talent top to bottom. The draft and stats easily point to that.

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