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Originally Posted by wooten View Post
I bought a 2010 Team Canada Nash swift replica from Icejerseys a few years back and although it was close, for some reason they decided not to use nameplates. Probably not a huge deal, but it wasn't right and didn't look very good. At some point or another I think they acknowledged the error but I never really paid attention to the forums then, so I missed a chance to get it fixed. Also, although it is a swift replica, it's nothing like the swift material that's like tissue paper. It's a lot closer to edge in that it's spongy and easy to snag.
I keep having to remind myself that not everyone is as much of a stickler for customizing as I am. That's why everyone else gets them customized, while I continue to accumulate blanks until I find someone that I can trust 100%.

To me, Nike since 2006 is the perfect modern example of the old Milt Byron adage that "teams do funny things". Having handled several examples from what seems like every international tournament since 2006 (thanks to one Mike Grueber), I can verify this to be true...either teams or Nike do funny things. There are years where the numbers are pressed and sewn down, there are years where the numbers are pressed but not sewn, there are years where the letters are sewn to a nameplate, and there are years where they're pressed but not sewn. There's no rhyme or reason to it, and even within a single annual tournament cycle, there can be changes. The actual on-ice customizing can look a bit different from what is produced for retail, and the retail can actually be more labor-intensive and more costly than the on-ice job.

Heck, I think I've got five or six Swift authentics that need done, but I haven't done it yet because I can't get sufficient detail compared to the gamers to know exactly how it should be done. It's weird to think that, out of everything on this planet, that's what I'm most focused on doing right...pity my wife for dealing with it.

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