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Name: Brendan
Age: 18
Sex: M
Birthplace: Belleville, IL
Hometown: Freeburg, IL
Mode of Transportation: 2001 Pontiac Grand Am
Job: Pizza World/Student
How and when you became a Blues fan: Dad was a diehard so I've been a diehard since about two or three years old, watching Fuhr and Cujo briefly until Keenan screwed this franchise over, plus Hully, the great one, etc.
Favorite Current Blues Player: Oshie or Halak. Don't really hate or dislike any player now.
Favorite Blues Player All-Time? Brendan Shanahan (named after him) or CuJo
Favorite NON Blues Player: Don't really have a favorite outside of the Blues.
Your Definitive Blues Moment: Going to the playoff games early in the 2000's and yelling Bellll fouuurrr with my dad, also going to the Conf. Finals against the Avs, was at Hull's #500 goal game.
First Blues Game Attended: Don't recall off the top of my head, but I had to only be 3 or 4 probably.
College Attended/Attending: Broadcast Center
Music You Listen To: A little bit of everything, mainly country last couple months though.
Favorite Band(s): Jason Aldean, Nickelback
Favorite Movie(s): Slap shot, Miracle, Friday Night Lights.
Favorite Food: Crab legs, pasta, not a picky eater at all.
Favorite TV Show: HBO 24/7 currently, forensic shows, not a big TV guy.
Hobbies: Anything hockey related, played for 16 years so playing or watching sports in general, calling games, just hanging out with the friends and girlfriend.

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