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Originally Posted by OhNoMasedAgain View Post
Ok. Agree to disagree. Still don't know what "stage" we are currently in (I need the 64 Crayola Box I guess).
Competing for one game. Exactly what I said before.
Frig, seriously? How many times do you need it answered?

The rest of that stuff you blathered has nothing to do with the "debate" at hand if you want to even call it that. What does being the laughingstock have to do with one game of compete? Answer: Nothing. You are a confusing mess of all over the place.

How can you even, based on the conversation (and all 23 posts no less), decide what my "bar" is? You are making assumptions with no facts. I only stated that they competed for a game and that I enjoyed watching the game. That's it. That has nothing to do with the 3500+ posts of explaining what is wrong with this team and why what they are doing isn't good enough for six years now (and more before that on other boards). Not to mention who should go: players, coaches, GM's as well as a lot of other team evaluation.

No matter how many times you say "It isn't good enough" if you say once "Hey I liked what they did on the ice, even though they lost" we get people like you that come out of the wood works with your whole "I have a higher standard then you" nonsense.

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