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Originally Posted by DynamoAO View Post
Uhhhhh, no I am not. I'm saying it's pretty pointless(to put it nicely), to compare a team of players who are under the age of 18 to a team from the CHL. There's nothing about superiority in that statement at all. You must not be sure of your opinions if you are going to strawman that badly.
Again, you are agreeing with me.

My statement is simply that the CHL teams provide a better opponent night in and out than Trouba will be facing, and your statement corroborates that. I agree its unfair to compare for the reasons you say, but the draft is not about fairness its about who is better. If a league is better at producing NHL players and has more talent top to bottom (which you seem to be agreeing with), then I would tend to lean towards players from that league as being more prepared for the next step. That all I said.

Look, short of exhibition between the leagues, all we do have is opinions. If people are of the opinion the US National Development program plays stronger talent night in and out than CHL teams, thats your opinion. I personally do not think so. Even if you agree with that statement, you can also have the opinion that playing inferior opponents is a better route to the NHL, then again, thats your opinion. Again, I do not think so.

My opinion, as stated is that drafting the strongest players from the strongest leagues will net you players with a better chance to play at the next level. Not necessarily the best chance, but a better chance.

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