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12-28-2011, 05:10 PM
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Originally Posted by OhNoMasedAgain View Post
Ok. Agree to disagree. Still don't know what "stage" we are currently in (I need the 64 Crayola Box I guess). These guys are supposedly professionals and we get giddy because they compete for almost one entire game? I guess I just have the bar set much higher than you my friend. I not only expect to compete but to score more goals, quit giving up leads in the third period, stop hearing the coach and players utter the word "fragile", quit giving up umpteen odd man rushes per game, etc. This is no ordinary hockey team. I was listening to a major sports station today and they were talking about the Islanders and said "hey, these guys aren't Columbus" over and over. We are the laughingstock of the NHL and we are trying to string a shift or two together? I'm sorry to rant but I simply cannot agree with your logic on this. I'll suffer my union blue until the either win or get run out of town but that doesn't ever mean that I have to settle for "pro's" mailing it in with effort.
Ever hear the expression, "you have to start somewhere"?

I don't see anyone giddy about anything.

I think you are having trouble understanding other opinions from your high horse. This isn't the comments section on the dispatch...actual discussions take place here, at least sometimes. Recognizing what actually happens on ice vs hyperbole would be a good start on your part, IMO.

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