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Originally Posted by caley View Post
I really can't see Howson fired by the end of the year. If the higher-ups didn't believe in him, he would've been gone earlier this year. I think there's concern in Columbus that if they do fire Howson, who do they replace him with? Don't forget that last time Columbus fired their GM and had an exhaustive search for a new one, the one they settled on ended up turning them down (Columbus offered the job to Bob Murray who turned it down for family reasons, only to take the Anaheim job about a year or so later). It wouldn't surprise me if there is genuine concern that if they fire Howson that the top supposed candidates with experience might turn them down and further smear Columbus' reputation as being an undesirable place to be which would leave them having to hire another GM without experience as the go-to guy and having to suffer through all the growing pains all over again.

There's also a belief, and there has been since he was hired, that Howson is basically President Mike Priest's GM-by-proxy and that all moves go through Priest first, so unless someone were to fire Priest, why would he replace the guy who does exactly what he asks?
Pretty amusing since I actually live in Columbus, followed the team since day 1, and have never heard or read that from any local sources. Common belief in Columbus is that Priest probably can't even spell hockey. It was also hinted in the local media that the NHL had a hand in the Patrick hiring.

Howson has presided over 3 epic collapse in each of the last 3 seasons. Each one worse than the other. In each case he was far too patient in making changes and by the time he did the season was lost. The local media is now starting to publicly question how he has a job (the same media group that owns 10% of the team). Any trades he makes now will most likely go through Patrick and not Priest. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but Howson, Arniel, and possibly Priest are dead men walking.

Also, for the record if the owners cared so much about their perception among the league then changes would have been made long ago. The CBJ have won 7 out of their last 57 regulation games and are already the laughing stock of the NHL. Alot has changed in Columbus since Howson was hired. They now have a long term lease deal and are a cap team vs. a budget team. There are plenty of experienced people who would take the GM position if offered.

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