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Originally Posted by SPORTSMANIAC View Post
27 USHL Games (includes exhibitions)
12 NCAA Division I Games
5 NCAA Division III Games
3 International Tournaments

Its not a bad of a schedule as you make it out to be. Nearly half of the USHL games are against the top 6 teams in the league as of today.
Personally I'd say only the div 1 games are CHL caliber. Even then some of the div 1 schools are a bit suspect, but they do play a number of top programs. Currently 1-5 against div 1 schools.

Of the twelve games this is what they play as currently ranked :

20, 15, 6, NR, NR, NR, NR, NR, 3, 16, NR, NR

Only 5 opponents ranked top 20, and only 2 top ten.

Now to be honest, I agree its hardly fair to compare the two (and the scores obviously show it, div 1 is clearly better based on record). But if you look at other threads the general consensus is the cream of the div 1 crop (top 10) are equivalent with CHL. I find that a fairly fair statement to make. I think no one here disagrees that USHL and Div 3 is definitely below CHL play.

So, and again no offense to Trouba, but playing 3 games against CHL level talent makes it harder to judge him compared to guys who have played up to 200 games against that level of talent. It does not mean he is as good, its just that the scouts have a lot less to go on than CHL regulars.

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