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12-28-2011, 09:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Eb View Post
That's not the way I see it. You really want him to be high up in the top left covering the right d-man? You know how many cross ice passes would fly pass him. Can't bite too hard on the d-men. And no, he shouldn't be in the slot, but he only did so to cover up the fallen Bozak as the other poster already said.
That's just plain wrong . Freeze the 0:52 shot. There's Bozak standing up and Crabb way, way, way too low. Nobody's saying he should be standing next to the right dman. But he should be higher up in a proper position.
And Gardiner...Good Gawd... Reimer was late getting to the cross-ice because he was entirely screened the whole time... way to box him out, Jake. Another guy in no-man's land.
Results speak for themselves... 3 guys without a clue about where to position themselves and the one guy who has a clue fell down.
Absolute freaking mess, no excuse for this garbage.

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