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11-05-2003, 11:00 AM
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You honestly can't beleive Gretzky's individual physical skills, and ability to handle the puck is at all comparable to Lemieux... heck I would also say the same thing that Lemieux isn't as good as Jagr in that aspect. Lemieux now is finally becoming close to as intelligent as Gretzky was as a 22 year old... instead of thinking the game as it is happening, he is thinking it before it happens..[/QUOTE]

I thionk that Lemieux had greater one on one skill but the vision and passing ability of Gretzky is far superior to Lemieux's puckskill. Pavel Bure has better one on one skill than gretzky that doesn't mean he is a better player. Gretzky had everything. He piled in the points at will. Dominated his sport like no other athlete in other sports. He is so far and away the superior player. Orr was great, Lemieux is great, Gretzky was hands down the greatest. Orr changed the face of defensemen, but butterfly goalies changed the face of goaltending as well. I don't say Hasek is the best goaltender of all-time because he was revolutionary in his style and success.

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