Thread: Salary Cap: James Neal's next contract
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12-28-2011, 09:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Funk311 View Post
LOL Champagne.

What are you peoples thoughts on GM's understanding that part of the production is playing with Geno on a top line in the league? I one sense it shows he can be part of that line, but you remove Geno and I think Neals production (assists especially) tapers off.

Also for Neal and agent, you found something that is working great. Lets assume he likes DB and the Org (we always hear players like the approach of the Org top to bottom) and the city. Playing on this team, this or other lines, he could be looking at a HOF career. No, i am not saying neal is a HOF'er yet. But if I were him with how this year is going....You need to consider 5-5.5 here in the burg. You win a cup or two (compete in the least). You juice your stats playing with Art Ross winners. If he chases $6.1M or something for a worse team with no Geno is it really the best move long term? How much if at all does that factor in.

All in all I think the cap goes up, we move $ off the blue line and we sign Neal for 5.25-5.5
I'm with yah.. Go ask Kevin Stevens to his Career after he was traded to LA. And he had a good year with us the year after his injury. So that's not an excuse.

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