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12-28-2011, 10:43 PM
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Originally Posted by wooten View Post
Ever hear the expression, "you have to start somewhere"?

I don't see anyone giddy about anything.

I think you are having trouble understanding other opinions from your high horse. This isn't the comments section on the dispatch...actual discussions take place here, at least sometimes. Recognizing what actually happens on ice vs hyperbole would be a good start on your part, IMO.
I'm just a passionate fan. No high horse here. Just asking,after over a decade, to have people (ownership,management/coaches, players) who have a cohesive vision/gameplan/work ethic for rebuilding this franchise in order to make December games meaningful. We have a dedicated fan base that has seen a lot of bad hockey. But this year has been the proverbial cherry on top of the sundae. everyone in this organization is accountable and just because I called out Nasher (who I have stuck by until this year) doesn't mean that other guys on this team aren't as equally responsible for what we've seen ths year. I am stand firmly committed to blowing this whole thing up, clean house and we can truly begin to "start somewhere". The time will never be more opportunistic than now.

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