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11-05-2003, 11:03 AM
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To make the game more exciting, stop schedualing the once or twice a year snooze-fest East-West matchups that take up way too much of the league's schedule. Hockey is not like any other sport, the most exciting games happen between rival clubs, because the teams truly hate eachother. These games tend to be harder hitting affares, and the emotion runs so high that the teams often loose their game plan allong the way(which is usually "everyone in the neutral zone"). The sooner the league realizes this the better.
Forget all of this "obstruction" nonsense; it isn't helping the raise scoring throughout the league, as it is used (and the penalty inforced) in both the offensive (pick plays) and defensive zone. In fact, the only change to the game that I think the obstruction penalty has contributed is a reduction in open ice hitting, isn't that great? If the league truly wants to increase scoring, ENLARGE THE NETS!!! It's simple, it will work, and teams will no longer be able to play the odds by sitting on a 1 goal lead halfway through the 1st period!
And get rid of the instagator rule, there's nothing more entertaining than a truly deserved beating.
The removal of the red line does screw up the trap, but it hurts any chance of having any chance of seeing any sustained offence (the D tend to never enter the offensive zone). A larger ice surface will never happen, and tends to produce a low scoring boring game, only with a bit more passing.
Illegal defense!!??? Penalize forwards skating backwards???!!! If that ever happens I will never watch this sport again!

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