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12-28-2011, 10:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Flyersfan139 View Post
Good, I wonder if he does good he will get the start in the WC?
According to Tim's column, Bryzgalov is going to spend a few days with Jeff Reese. That can be indicative of a few things including Reese has a large say in that matter.

“He has to get better, for sure,” said general manager Paul Holmgren, while the Flyers practiced in Mt. Lebanon, Pa. on Wednesday, in preparation for Thursday’s game against the Penguins.

Sergei Bobrovsky will start against the Penguins while Bryzgalov spends time over the next several days working on technical issues with goalie coach Jeff Reese.

Holmgren says he’s “not worried” about Bryzgalov, but wants him to get more quality practice time in with Reese.

“In the stretch that we have had, we haven’t had good practice time,” Holmgren said. “A lot of time he spends with Jeff working on things and hasn’t had that time because he is the one playing.

“Like Sergei gets a chance to work on things more with Jeff because he’s not playing. Today, and I think Sergei is playing tomorrow, this gives Jeff an opportunity to work with [Bryzgalov] on some things.

“Technical things. It’s just like any player. You start to get bad habits. More than anything, I think Jeff needs to just work with him on some things and see what is wrong right now.”

Has Holmgren said anything to Bryzgalov?

“That’s Jeff’s area of expertise,” Holmgren said.

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