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12-29-2011, 02:32 AM
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On Bryz:

I was against the signing before the end of last season...
I was against the contract before Homer throw it to him....
I was against a NTC before we know about it...


We loose Gagne (really good 2 way player)
We loose Richards (maybe the best 2 way center in the league)
We loose Carter (solid 2 way play)
We loose Pronger (most of the time)
We loose Odonnel (who plays solid as a rock for the most time)

We added Lilja who plays like crap
We added Schenn (with him we loose 90% of our games)
We added Walker who plays like crap
We give JVR more ice time who is not really a good defence player
We add Simmonds who is not a good defence player

I could go on and on....

We lost a lot of man games due to injuries...

So its clear we will have problems with our defense.

But Bryz is buy in to be dominant and solve the problems the roster is having in the future due to his expensive contract. So if he donīt dominate and win games for us he isnīt worth his contract...

So get him out of here although he is funny with his universe talking and all the stuff with the media... We want to win games not money with selling fan gear.... Or maybe thats the case??

just my two cents.....

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