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On the Power Play, it feels like still that we miss that one guy who sets it up. And thats dissapointing.

This is NOT Brad Richards fault, I think it solely reflects just how much GABBY lacks on the set-up of a PP side. This is how a PP works nowadays. You play 5 on 4. That is not enough against a good PK. A 4 man box is good enough to keep you on the outside and get into the shooting lanes. So it takes something else. You need to get the box moving so that they commit to one option, and then you need to turn to another option. And if you do that well enough -- the box will get scared and collapse very low -- and you can turn to shooting options full-time. It looks so easy for some PP's, they just BLAST away, but you can only do that if you get the box to give up basically and collapse. BRAD RICHARDS understands the nature of a PP. MDZ is OK. How Cally, Dubi and co plays don't matter much, because in the roles they have on the PP they aren't involved in the set-up really. But GABBY is and he just isn't able to master it. In Dallas, Riberio and Richards togehter handled the PP, got the box to move around, and constantly put the pucks in the areas it should be put. Its not easy, but if you understand the nature of it, if its in your backbone, it works by itself basically. You need to get that flow into the passing thats SOLELY designed to make life a biatch for the PK box. Opps, one PKer went a tad to hard after one of the point men -- it should be a given to make him go back and forth a couple of times so that he really ends up out of position. Etc etc etc. Gabby isn't doing that at all, instead he is looking for shots, trying to get open lanes etc. One needs to come first, then you can start to do the other.

I think one option for our PP going forward is for Torts to just manage to tear it down completely; because right now it seems like we are trying to play three diffrent styles at once. Like the Cally-Dubi-Anisimov(with Gabby factored in) type of plays down low; Gabby's solo show at the half-boards; Richards state of the art set up. And then try to build around Stepan-MDZ-Richards. And look, I love Stepan, but he ain't either that great on the PP. But he has the smarts and needs to be schooled here.

But the problem with a Stepan, MDZ and Richards trioka is that the sticks are all messed up. In reality you get Stepan into more of a shooting role, Richards into a play-making postion in which he lacks someone to take the heat of him on the right side, and a shooter on the left of him since MDZ is shooting left and can't one-time it off a feed from BR who sits at the right half boards. Its all messed up. But atleast those three got the smarts.

This is how a PP around Richards should be built:
1. Far post/down low guy(Right)-2. Creaseguy(x)-3. Playmaker along the right half-boards(Left)
4. LD(Right) - 5. Brad Richards(Right)

BR and the playermaker to the right dictates the tempo. The LD and the far post guy are shooting options. If those shooting options are taken away, BR can shoot himself of a pass from the Playmaker along the right half-boards.

Right now we have 1, 2 and 5. Gabby is not getting the job done in 3. We don't have 4.

Tough luck.

If I were in charge, I would maybe try something like this:
PP1 //A PP unit built around Richards.

Downside: No D's. Its tedious option in many aspects: means a big change every time a PP comes up. AA isn't great in the Play Making role on the right half boards. He might be pressured. Callahan as a point man?
Upside: You start from scratch. You let Richards really run the show. Its so much easier to get these guys to buy into the PLAN: BR and and AA pass back and forth, if the PK commits to the points, AA feeds Fedetenko in the high slot. If the PK takes away the high slot, Richards feeds Callahan. If the PK takes away Cally and the high slot, BR shots himself. And if the PK commits to Cally, BR and Fedetenko, AA and Dubi takes the puck to the net from the corner. You ALWAYS knows what to do.
Options: Is Strålman playing? Maybe he can take Cally's position, and Cally take F-tanks position.

PP2//A classic PP set up on the left side.
MDZ-McD(or a left shooting D, Erixon?)

Plan: Stepan and MDZ runs the show on the left side. The left shooting RD can either one-time it, or jump up into the play and Gabby roles into his position on the point to one-time it after a pass from MDZ.

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