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12-29-2011, 03:24 AM
Rich Nash
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Originally Posted by satrabyk View Post
I havent liked his game since day 1, yes he has some points but hes play is lackluster and not what we want from a # 1 center that were commiting huge dollars towards. Its ****ing sickening that we seem to sign these center that are supposed to be able to be number 1s but are lucky to # 2s. If you watch games around the league you have to play hard and we have some guys that are willing to do that but it has to be everyone especially the highest paid players. Gaby has shown flashbacks of timid play from last seasons playoffs, although he didnt play bad he has to try to create a little more out there and protect the puck.
Regarding Richie, we're aware. You started the (in)famous thread. He had a horrendous game tonight but he's had a decent 4-5 game stretch of very good games nobody wants to acknowledge. He's a PLAYMAKER- when Carl Hagelin and Ryan Callahan aren't converting on chances they should be (and I can think of atleast 5 golden opportunities off the top of my head, which would put him on pace for 72 points) and you're not a guy who normally scores goals, you're going to suffer on the stat sheet. Looking at the guys he played with in Dallas, they're kind of better than our guys at scoring goals.

Regarding Gabby, he's tied for 1st in the league in goals. What more do you want the guy to do?

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