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12-29-2011, 04:46 AM
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Time for a little update, things have been awfully quiet here

Things DO change a lot over time. Up until this season, Hamburg always had a problem with Germans. Either they didn't have any good ones, or they simply didn't perform well enough. Now it's the complete opposite. They have quite a few young Germans, and they are carrying the team while the foreigners fail (partially).

Wolf-Festerling-Flaake has been excellent throughout the season. Nominally the 4th line at the beginning of the season, they have been the only consistant scoring-line. You want to beat the Freezers, you have to shut-down this line. Lately Oppenheimer has brought some offense as well.

If you look at the foreigners, there are way too many who don't get it done. On offense, Aubin has looked good, Collins had a good start but completely fell off after a few minor injuries. Murphy and Engelhardt don't look like themselves, and Murphy is now out for another three months. Brooks disappears for long stretches and Jensen has about one or two good games per month. These guys were supposed to carry the team, yet only Aubin actually fills that criteria.

All in all, the team has exceded expectations so far, but if they want to keep it up, with way more away-games than home-games on the remaining schedule, you can't have Aubin, Curry, Cook and Nielsen be the only foreigners who perform well.

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