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12-29-2011, 08:04 AM
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Blue Bonnets is really not the ideal place. It's as far from downtown than the current Olympic stadium. Plus it has the bottleneck of 1 small subway station far from it (at least, Pie-IX is steps away from the field, but the Anglos never understood that). Did you see what happened during the U2 concert? Now imagine half of that, 80 times per year. There is also not much alternative bus routes, at least Pie-IX/Sherbrooke is one of the main hub of the entire East STM.

I can see the current Griffintown proposal being expanded with a second deck and bleachers to say, 25000/30k if the momentum ever gets there, similar to what the Impact did. Create a stadium very close to the field, very open-ended to the streets and cityscape. Give access to the street like Yawkey way in Boston. We are a party city, try to create a party atmosphere during a Baseball game.

So basically, we're still 10 to 15 years before this "maybe" happens.

And _that_, and it's the big problem, is to give back to the Québécois the thrill of the game. Nobody cares about Baseball anymore everywhere in the province of Québec (and I've been in Baseball for 20 years). West-Ilanders can't support a Baseball team, it has to the be the 80% French Canadiens who do if it wants to be successfull.

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