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Originally Posted by OhNoMasedAgain View Post
Nice! The grand poobah of posts with another golden nugget to new people to the forum who haven't posted over 11,000 x's. GalileoSmith ain't too far off the mark. And that's no load of crap sir. Hilarious. Blahblahblahblah
Uh huh.... Your mom... Nener, nener, nener.

I only brought up the post count to illustrate you don't know my "bar" and that you made false assumptions. It's not a badge of honor or pride.

On to the post itself. Vermette's A- game, for example, was stellar is 08/09. RJ is money in the playoff's and when he's competitive he is a stellar two way player. Sammy is close to done, although his play the last month is NHL caliber again. Methot is meh, but as a 5/6 he would be outstanding. As a 3/4 he's nothing special. Tyutin's game is stellar as a 3/4, he could be an average #2 with the right partner. Frankly you are making judgments on some players that are playing some of their worst hockey in their careers on a team with 9 wins. Foolish.

Yes, his statement was crap. You are in "We suck" mode, which makes your opinion on player evaluation about worthless.

Enjoy your New Year and come back fresh and ready to post something objective in 2012. You remind me of that guy that said we would be lucky to have 15 points by the end of the year and kept railing on me because he thought I was saying 22 points was "acceptable" or "Something to be proud of". He was just as far off base on all counts as you are now. He couldn't come up with a good argument to counter me so he just did some chest pounding and mocked me, because, frankly, he couldn't form a logical counter. You haven't to this point either.

I don't mind criticism of this team and it's players. Hell I'm one of the biggest criticizers around here. What I don't appreciate is blind hate with no objectivity. That sir, is you.

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