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12-29-2011, 09:56 AM
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Originally Posted by RC51 View Post
Finally, someone that truly understands what is wrong with baseball.
MLB are a bunch of liers.
WE Expo fans were promised a hard cap when things started to go crazy.
Rich teams just bought all the good players every year and that left the Expos and a lot of other teams with no chance in hell to win anything.
NOT FAIR, when the Expos complained about this, MLB told all the small teams to hang in there the new CBA will have a level playing field.
That was how many years AGO?????????????????????????
And still no Hard cap????????????
LIERS ALL. Expos had become a feeder team for the BIG TEAMS, so why on earth should I pay money to go see a FIXED GAME??

Why even bother joining the MLB if your're going to end up like the Blue Jays... Before every season starts they KNOW they are not making the playoffs.

I heard they were going to expand the playoffs to 6 teams per league... It's a start but without a hard cap there is absolutely no pont at all for the moment...

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