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12-14-2005, 09:16 AM
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Rockford has been feeding the Ads and the Chicago Wolves for the past two seasons. I think certain players get the call to the Ads and certain players to the Wolves. Big Snake usually goes to the Wolves as does the infamous Billy Tibbets. Some notables from the Ads camp in Rockford who have also received 'call-ups' this season include Nathan Lutz, Preston Mizzi, Chaz Johnson, Matt Gens, and Evgueni Nourislamov(sp?). The Ads have also relied upon, but have yet to play, Michel Robinson who has been opening the door to the bench when Finley was/is injured or in Nashville on call.

Klein only played in 2 or 3 games while in Rockford, pretty much the entire 04-05 was spent in Milwaukee, so I am not sure how much 'development' he received there. The same for Segal, he spent some time in Rockford, otherwise was he has pretty much been with Milwaukee his entire professional career.

Their head coach is a good one. I think he performed some miracles while on the West Coast a few years back with some ECHL or CHL teams. I'll have to dig up some stuff on him, Steve Martinson.

At times the Ads can be refered to as the Milwaukford Adhogs.

What's nice is now it is official.

EDIT: My bad, I edited out Ryan Glenn, I forgot he is on an ECHL contract with Charlotte.

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