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12-29-2011, 10:32 AM
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Originally Posted by tomd View Post
Well I certainly don't want to disappoint you. I've always believed that being negative after a win is bad form.

I will say, however, that Phoenix dominated long stretches of the game and the kings won mainly on the strength (weakness?) of horrible goaltending by JLB.

And you are right - tonight should be a truer test.

Have I redeemed myself?
Sure have! You showed how the Kings can't win unless the other team puts a big bow on it. Living up to your typical anti-Kings mantra. At least you had the balls to post though.

Originally Posted by lakingsdrummer View Post
While I don't agree with everything those two say, none of our wins can prove their points wrong. This team is far from out of the woods.

Now, if in a few weeks we have won 9 of 10 or have beaten some top teams with conviction then I'd thumb my nose at these guys but until then I say let's just be happy with our win over the Coyotes.
I'm not necessarily against what they say either. It's the fact that they only post the negative and completely ignore the positive that's annoying. Like the quote from tomd above, we win, but let's ignore anything good LA does and state it's largely because of Labs. Labs helped, no doubt, but we still needed to do something right. That's never pointed out though.

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