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12-14-2005, 12:27 PM
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Originally Posted by TubbyTerrion
As much as I loathe Van Boxmeer, and have my doubts about Murray's ability to do more than be mediocre, I too agree that it's all about the absence of a Blake/Schneider. You can see it in the way the PK defends against the Kings. There is no fear in pressuring the points.
I disagree; While it's true we lack a PP QB that people fear, the system itself has been lacking. While a couple games is poor due to a small sample, we really clicked with our powerplay early in the season after the opening loss to the Stars. We have the personnel and the talent to bury the puck on the powerplay.

The problem I have with the powerplay is the stagnant execution of it. Players stay away from the net, and they stay PUT with their position on the powerplay. The only time they bother to move is if the puck is out of their reach.

They don't move to cause the defense to move and accomodate, thus opening up either a passing or shooting lane.

Who are these all-star powerplay quarterbacks that are more skilled than Visnovsky on Buffalo (4th best PP) and Montreal (7th)? How about Pittsburgh, with Gonchar, Tarnstrom, and all their other offensive defensement, who are 22nd in the league? Does the presence of a really good pp quarterback guarantee a better powerplay than the presence of an efficient system?

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