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Originally Posted by flyersfan9180 View Post
There's no reason arguing with Pen's fans. Some will say Jagr just went where all the money was. Pitt offered him 2 million for the year(low ball offer) and never raised it from there. Flyers didn't even offer the most money and that came from the horses mouth. They laugh at us for signing Talbot to his contract(5 years 8.75 million) but think their Tyler Kennedy signing is good. Although it is two years only, Kennedy has played poorly, and isn't the player he was before his concussion.
I disagree as a Pens fan. I take Kennedy even now over Talbot, and at the time Jagr was still a 39 year old wild car, albeit a skilled wild card, and Kennedy is coming off of a career year.

That being said they had the room to offer Jagr more and just didn't. That is what I'm disappointed about. I knew Jagr would flourish in Philly or Pitt, even as a wildcard. The issue was could he sustain it through the playoffs.

Obviously Jagr was never going to take $2mill per. It was a slap in the face. So, in a sense it WAS about more money, even though he wasn't offered the most from Philly. It was still $1.3 mill more, which is a respect issue. Philly just respected Jagr more, and it is paying off.

Kennedy is really coming on, and is back to his form of a year ago. Whatever, hopefully I don't have to deal with another loss on 24/7 next week.

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