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12-29-2011, 02:06 PM
Burke was right.
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Originally Posted by Pi View Post
Coaches need security? When I graduate and start working it'll take me about 12 years to make a million and in all those years I wont even have the security of knowing that I'll be going to work the next day...

This was just a neat severance package incase the Leafs miss the playoffs, his bestie still makes money. As a fan, I wouldnt be disappointed missing the playoffs if it means Wilson is gone.

If mediocrity can create a buzz in this city, meritocracy would get this place going wild. I would much rather see a young coach like Dallas Eakins make mistakes than see a 1300 games veteran coach get a too many men on the ice penalty on a penalty.

Funny thing is...nobody is to blame...its always our 4th liners that play like 10 mins a game people like to blame.
How does a Coach get a Too Many Men on the Ice penalty?

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