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Originally Posted by Magicman View Post
Like Quick, Kipper, Nabakov and Toskla were drafted by the previous GM. Of course Lombardi was there, but I am sure Lombardi did the good ones and Grillo did the bad.

Lombardi has drafted, as GM in San Jose, 3 goalies. They have played a total of 13 NHL games. Odds are those 3 ain't playing any more NHL games.

So outside of the 3 goalies, drafted by Chuck Grillo, no other goalie "Developed" into an NHL regular in San Jose. A system that appears to favor signing and trading for veteran goalies over giving a young guy a shot.

Kiprusoff never really caught on in San Jose playing about 50 games over 4 or 5 seasons.

Nabakov, he kicked around the AHL and IHL for 6 seasons before he caught on in San Jose.

Toskla spent 7 seasons before he got a shot. And that shot came after Lombardi left.

Lombardi however continued to trade for and sign veteran goalies the likes of, in no order.

Vernon, Shields, Hurdy, Belfour, Terreri and Flaherty. Not counting the 2 or 3 guys who played a game or 3.

So if you call the previous guy drafting a goalie and burying him in the minors while you sign burned out veterans who tank in the Playoffs a development plan then so bit it.

IMO, history tells me a different story.
I like how you just gloss over this guy as if Nabokov spending 5 or 6 seasons in the minors means he didn't have an impact in San Jose.

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