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12-29-2011, 03:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Ranger109 View Post
Team needs to shoot pucks. Shoot more pucks, PP sucks.

Put Avery back in, not because we lost, but because I think he deserves to play.
Those are my 2 biggest problems with this team

They refuse to shoot and consistently look for the pass or pass up scoring attempts. Goalies give up rebounds, just shoot it on net and crash the net, good things happen. How Torts doesn't make them shoot all practice long and just try to hit the net. Dubi, Boyle, and MDZ are the biggest offenders, just hit the net.

The PP is just as bad as last year, we still have a dump and chase system, with all finesse players on the PP sans Cally and Dubi. If you want to dump and chase on the PP then Cally and Fedotenko needs to be a set of wingers, and Hagelin and Dubi need to be the others. Gaborik, Richards, and Arty are not dump and chase players. Richards, Gabby and MDZ skate the puck up and dump it, and no one is there to get it. Either we put players that will dump and chase on the PP or have those players skate the puck into the zone and set up from there. This is not rocket science.

Then they just need to shoot the puck (on net, preferably low for a rebound) and crash the net hard. Pretty simple stuff they just can't seem to do it. You don't need McCabe to rip it, just get a hard shot through and attack the net, good things happen when you shoot.

I would love to see Avery get some icetime, Rupp and Mitchell look like they could use a night in the press box IMO. Avery won't get enough playing time to do anything though, Torts hates him so he will never get a fair shake with this team.

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