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12-29-2011, 04:07 PM
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Originally Posted by The Beezer View Post
I don't think empty seats would be a problem as long as they are priced smartly. I personally think that the football stadiums are suited better to hold the event versus the baseball stadiums (hence the main reason I'm not going to Philly). You would think something along 3rd base line (a great seat for a baseball game) would be a good seat, but by the looks of things you are far from the ice behind the net. I like the concept but I just rather spend the money on really good seats in the Garden (or WFC center for that matter).
exactly my reason for not going this year. ill have a better view from my tv with hundreds saved. ill just wait till we get the home game in a few years. plus id rather drop 150 for a balcony suite at WFC for the april game there. the way it looks so far that game could be for the division.

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