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Originally Posted by Butch 19 View Post
Actually, the Hawks and Bruins are 2 teams that give me a bit of hope: they both sucked forever, hit rock bottom, and rebuilt and went on to win the Cup. The only "problem" with the Kings is they never hit rock bottom enough to get the #1 pick - a game changer.
We didn't #1, but we got #2 in DOughty, I think that's close enough. And we traded for a #3 in Johnson. Not every team that drafts first overall is destined to become a cup champ and vice versa for teams that don't.

Originally Posted by Magicman View Post
Kiprusoff never really caught on in San Jose playing about 50 games over 4 or 5 seasons.

Nabakov, he kicked around the AHL and IHL for 6 seasons before he caught on in San Jose.

Toskla spent 7 seasons before he got a shot. And that shot came after Lombardi left.

Lombardi however continued to trade for and sign veteran goalies the likes of, in no order.

Vernon, Shields, Hurdy, Belfour, Terreri and Flaherty. Not counting the 2 or 3 guys who played a game or 3.

So if you call the previous guy drafting a goalie and burying him in the minors while you sign burned out veterans who tank in the Playoffs a development plan then so bit it.

IMO, history tells me a different story.
This is just spin again.

Kipper didn't catch on in San Jose because he was backing up Nabokov. There can only be one starter.

Nabaokov wasn't "kicking around the minors". He stayed in Europe, like a lot of players, especially goalies, do. He came over in 1997-98 and was the Sharks starter after three seasons in the minors (the last of which was split between the NHL and AHL/IHL).

Toskala didn't get his shot until after DL left San Jose because the two goalies ahead of him were Nabokov and Kipper. History tells us which of those three was the worst, and imagine that it's Toskala. What did you want, DL to force an inferiro goalie into the teams net?

DL took over the Sharks for the 1996-1997 season. Terreri was already there, as was Flaherty. So no, he didn't sign/trade for those two. That was Grillo. Belfour, Vernon, Shields and Hrudey were acquired by DL, with all four playing between 1997-2001. Shields actually was the Sharks starter one year and was dealt to get Selanne, so hardly a bust. Belfour was a trade deadline pick up and Hrudey was a veteran signed to be backup mainly. Vernon was the only veteran signed to be more than a temporary solution in net. He'd be our Dan Cloutier.

After Shields, Nabokov took over as the Sharks starter.

For the record, none of the three goaltenders for San Jose (Nabokov, Kiprussof or Toskala) ever played a game in North America until DL was the GM, so any development they did can largely be credited to DL's system/crew.

Originally Posted by Magicman View Post
If history tells us anything, the signing/trading for Veteran Goalies under Lombardi in San Jose tells us Cloutier was allot more Lombardi than Crawford.
I'm sure DL was on board with getting a veteran goalie until the prospects are ready to make it in the show, that his track record proves as shown above. But to suggest when it comes to CLoutier that DL was the main reason for Cloutier and not Crawford, the very coach who had just managed him for several seasons and swore by him to the bitter end, is ludicrious.

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