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12-29-2011, 05:21 PM
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Originally Posted by SensFanatic
Count me in on the Huberdeau hype train

He's going to be really special for you folks!
Watched the Canada - Czech game last night. Actually for a 5-0 game it was really good, 1-0 till about half.

Hubs is unreal! He seems like the ultimate playmaker. Strong on the puck, and extra lanky for that great reach. I was basically drooling last night watching him play. To me, Stone doesn't look that great, he basically has to tap in open net goals that Hubs sets him up for. Where you really get to notice him playmaking is behind the net. He looks like a bigger Gretzky behind there. Just wait untill he puts on a couple Lbs.

Originally Posted by Acadmus View Post
Don't think Howden got on the scoresheet at all last night, but I did see him on the ice for one of Canada's goals.
From watching all the games last year that I remember, and so far this year, Howden probably played his worst game last night 5-on-5. A couple times he couldn't get the puck out, and made a poor pass or two. Also remember him getting knocked off the puck a couple times. That being said, on the PK he is great! Real good instincts and positioning, and not afraid to drop down a block a shot.
I'm sure he just had an off night last night.

Won't be watching the Canada game tonight, as I'm at work. Also I don't bother watching them play teams like Denmark, and I'm sure they will post at least 10 goals.

I will be watching New Years Eve against the US, probably like most of you.

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