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Originally Posted by hotpaws View Post
He said Ronnie was his man as long as he keeps ****ing with the media . He didn't say anything about winning being a criteria for employment with the leafs .

Also lets start being honest shall we .

Burkies fan club will support Wilson as coach up to the second his BFF fires him and not a second longer .
I'm actually not fond of Wilson as coach. The fact is this team is playing on par or better than expected. Yes the PK is bad but other than that, what more does this coach have to do. You really didn't think this team would be top 5 in the conference, did you? I guess you're just another unrealistic Leaf fan.

There are at the very least 6 teams in the East with more talent and better goaltending. The Leafs sit in 7th place and have been 6th for a while. The team is ahead of some more talented teams. You don't want to look at that though. I have news for you:

The Leafs Aren't Going To Win Every Game!

Smarten up.

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