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Originally Posted by Leafidelity View Post
Yeah only only stumbled onto these thing;

Regular season games coached
1337 (6th alltime)

Regular season coaching wins
619 (7th alltime)

But I guess he's been employed all this time because he's Burkes buddy right?

Guy gets the Larry Murphy treatment from absolutely psychotic fans. A 1 year extension and people want to fire the GM? All failure but no success should be credited to Wilson? Do you people even realize how unstable you sound?

Do I think he's the best coach in of all time? Ofcourse not, but I realize you can't place 100% of the blame for a game played on the ice on a man standing on the bench. Wilson should take some blame, but so should that personnel that can't execute. I'm not going to fly off the handle because the GM has decided to stay the course for a team that is just now finding an identity.

Burke decides to stay the course, because he has a young playoff-projected team, and some of you act like he's set the building on fire and locked everyone in.

Get ahold of yourselves and learn a little tact, it's freaking embarrassing to other Leafs fans.
I remember the Raptors had one of the all time winningest coach's as well . He was well past his prime by the time he was hired here however .

Any reason why you left off where he stands on all time losses .

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