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Originally Posted by J17 Vs Proclamation View Post
I assume that must have been the deciding game before the league is closed from promotion/relegation. Who is your team? To me i don't understand the prevention of promotion and relegation. It may work in NA because there is no history of it, but once it is there, you cannot take it away.
SM-Liiga (FEL) was open for promotion/relegation until 2000 when it was closed, though KalPa got promoted (they didn't even have to qualify, just win Mestis..) during the NHL lock-out season when they had players like Kimmo Timonen, Sami Kapanen and Adam Hall playing for them. It was opened again for the 2008-2009 season, 2 bottom FEL-teams would play a "play-out" series best of 5 with the losing team facing the winner Mestis.

We had our hopes up, Ässät had been terrible all season long and it had been a long time since the 1975-1976 season which was the last and sadly the only season we have ever played in FEL. The series was nasty, highlighted by poor refs and the battle between the two teams coaches in the media. Heading into Game 6, we had the series lead 3-2, and our hopes of promotion were crushed in OT as we hit the post and Ässät scored soon after that to win the game 2-3 in OT. We never recovered from that, and Ässät won Game 7 3-0 at home.

We reached the promotion-series again this year, but the sheer difference nowadays between Sm-Liiga and Mestis is just too high, and we got swept 4-0.

Some stats for the team:

Finland2 (Mestis) Champion, Gold: 1975 (known then as I-division), 2009, 2011
Finland2 2nd place, Silver: 1977&2000 (I-division), 2005, 2006
Finland2 3rd place, Bronze: 1999 (I-division), 2007
Finland3 (Suomi-sarja) Champion: 1986&1997 (known then as II-division)

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