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12-14-2005, 01:54 PM
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Originally Posted by triggrman
Brian Finley, NHL goalie?
The act is set up for an encore Thursday night, right? I'd love to just blame Finley here, but I think two things are clear: We are a really good team because of Vokoun. If it isn't obvious that he is borderline league MVP at the 1/3 mark, I don't know what to say. Our leaders on this team have failed. We seem lost out there. Whether it's the coaches or the veteran players, there is clearly no leadership out there right now. We are very, very easily flustered. And once we lose it, we really lose it. We've used Vokoun as a crutch all year long and developed some nasty habits (stupid penalties, etc.). Without Vokoun to consistently bail us out, we are merely an average team. In fact, we might actually be a bad team.

I'll be honest though, I'd rather be stomped with a 7 spot than lose 2-1. This team needs a mental shakeup and some real leaders to step to the forefront. I realize our two best leaders Walker and Johnson are down for the count. But we all talk about how great a leader Hartnell is supposed to be, etc. In his 5th season, he hasn't really stepped up in the void that has been created. To his credit, neither have some of our other players who have a leadership role (Sully, Kariya).

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