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12-29-2011, 05:48 PM
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Originally Posted by J17 Vs Proclamation View Post
Interesting indeed. SEL-2 teams are much more known than Mestis teams. If im not mistaken Byrnas were there until recently, whilst Malmo/Leksand are the big guns down there now (AIK were until two years ago) whilst Rogle in the 2nd tier has an excellent Junior system coming through. What this tells me is that having a stable solid high quality 2nd division allows greater competition and more incentive. This has a big impact on Junior development. A unclosed 2nd league can generate more revenue, big teams who are relegated down don't automatically lose fan support, and there is a reason to invest in youth. I imagine those teams in Mestis have no reason to develop their own talent, and many become the place where SM-LIGA clubs send many youngsters (Pokka for instance this year). Although i am not particulay educated enough on the dealings of the clubs and relationship with SM-Liga, so perhaps i am wrong here

To me it just ruins competition, youth development and finances of those below the closed elite.

Now im not a Junior hockey expert, but this closed around the time when Youth development in Finland began to struggle. Clearly the specifics Finland focused on (Playing time for all, not concentrating on the elite etc) played heavily here, but perhaps it has some link? I don't know what the 2nd tier teams were like in developing talent before the closed league.

I think Assat have to be my Finnish team now
IIRC Sweden has a system that drops the bottom team of SEL without a qualifying-series and the winner of Allsvenskan goes directly to Elitserien.

I can't really either say if it has affected the junior-development, but the relegation thing prior to 2000 included the usual suspects year in and year out, KalPa & SaiPa & Pelicans. There were some current Mestis teams in FEL during the 90s for a short period, KooKoo & Jokipojat & TuTo IIRC.

But Sport is probably the only team currently in Mestis that could take the leap to Sm-Liiga without a bankruptcy, though we have had our fair share of financial problems during the last few years thanks to our crazy ex GM/HC Tamminen. We have a large enough arena, though it would be the smallest one in FEL my some 50 seats. Our fans (fanatic ones are called Red Army) are said to be one of the loudest and best in finnish hockey, and the arena is pretty often sold-out (4448 total) and during the playoffs it's really hard to get tickets.

But before this thread goes all OT, let's talk about the WJCs.

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