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Originally Posted by gopreds19 View Post
I just found it interesting that a player has to use his skate as a weapon in order for the league to take action when the Preds are involoved. But I can count at least 5 times (Kronwall on Bonk, Burrows on Dumont, Beauchemin on Fisher, Backstrom on Goc, and Fistric on Weber) where the league did nothing, and that's just me sitting at my desk.

Yet how many Predators have been suspended over the last few years? Tootoo, SOB, Rads.....

You would think that there would have been at least 3 suspension worthy plays in that amount of time against our opposition, but I can only think of the skate stomp.
Originally Posted by 101st_fan View Post
Last season - 1 Pred suspended, 1 Fined. 2 suspensions from acts against the Preds (Ruutu and Ryan).
09-10 No Preds suspended or fined. Burrows fined for comments about officiating during a Preds/Canucks game
08-09 No Preds suspended or fined.

I'm too bored from looking back to continue looking for persecution that doesn't exisit.
Here is a short list.

Tootoo's suspension is arguable, but I think everyone knew in the backs of their minds that he would get one after the Lucic debacle. SOB earned his. You don't spear people, especially in the head/throat area. Rads earned his with an unnecessary hit in the play offs. His intention was not to hurt anyone, but you have to control your emotions enough to be effective so that you help your team. Going back further, Tootoo earned another one for a gloved punch on Robidas. Nichol earned his for a sucker punch that broke Spacek's jaw.

Still, there are very few suspensions against the Predators. Three suspensions listed there. A couple that I tossed in from the 2006-2007 season.

There were two against Ducks players in one series last year. One against us in that same season.

Shea Weber should have received some sort of extra disciplinary action for his sucker punch on Tyutin during a game last year, but did not. He also could have easily been suspended for his hit on Hansen earlier this season. Instead he was fined $2,500.

I would say that there is very little evidence that a bias exists against the Predators in any way. This is under two different disciplinarians -- Shanahan and Campbell. That is not to say that some sort of bias doesn't exist at all in the league, but I don't see one against Nashville. At least not since the lock out.

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