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12-29-2011, 08:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Chimaera View Post
I'm not a stat geek to the point of genius, but I think it's no mere coincidence that the PP failing has led to a severe drop off in Ovechkin's scoring goals. If the PP was humming along at its top 5 pace, he's probably on track for 40-45 goals and a lot more points. The miserable PP might be due to him suffering, and it might be due to a combination, but 20th isn't getting it done.

I mean if they have a marginal improvement in the PP you have to expect that corresponds to not only wins but probably ten or fifteen more points over the course of the season for Ovechkin
I'm not sure if Ovechkin's drop-off is due to a decline in the PP, or a decline in the PP is due to Ovechkin's drop-off.

A chicken-egg situation.

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