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Originally Posted by likid View Post
Regarding Winnipe cheering (and booing). From my point of view (as Euro) this is the way how home supporters should cheers for their team. It gives extra boost and energy to home team.

I'm sorry but although most Kings home games are sold out, the atmosphere is most of the time the same as they would play infront of empty hall. Maybe you can seek here the main reason why Kings record at home is as it is and Jets record at their home is so much better and why for the Kings doesen't matter if they play at home or away.
I don't really have an issue with what they're doing, though it seems a little silly to me. Staples does seem quiet a lot of the time, but it's because the rink is half full of fans from the other team. Let's be honest, nobody is flocking to Winnipeg from the hellholes of the earth the way they do to Los Angeles.

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