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11-05-2003, 12:51 PM
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Originally Posted by montreal25m
Colorado wouldn't be trading away there future as it is. They are getting a young number 1 goalie. What I am saying, we have strength in the goalie position. That is are only strength. Lets use use it to our advantage. Personally, 1 to 2 yrs down the road, I rather see Garon as our number one if he keeps developing the way he has. In terms of why would Lacroix want Theo, Lacroix loves his French Goalies. Burke is a possible anwser, a real short term anwser, Cujo is one of the most overated goalies in the world. I am sure Lacroix loves the fact that Detroit is stuck with him. Theo is young, dynamite and he can be the anwser for him to getting the cup back in Colorado, just like Patty did for him. I personally think that is impossible until they make a coaching change.

In terms of Theo's trade value, it is high but not at as high as we think. You have to remember, the goalie market is pretty bad especially goalies that are due to make around 6 mill a year over the next 3 yrs with the CBA up. If you can get a solid prospect goalie in Sauve, a first line winger OR defensemen and a third liner, you have done really, really, well.
The most Montreal would get for Theodore is a Patrick Roy type deal. And, I can't see Gainey foolishly making a move like that. The goalie market is at an all-time low right now and, besides Theodore's big contract he is coming off a so-so year with a scandal surrounding him. Lacroix knows this and will not throw young players like that out there. Unless we want another Roy trade? Cannot happen.

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