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Originally Posted by Crease View Post
NFL Network and MSG are two completely different animals in NYC. TWC has 1.2 million subscribers in the NYC area. They'd lose at least a quarter of those within a year if they didn't broadcast Rangers/Knicks/Nets/Devils/Islanders games.

If NFL Network had sole broadcasting rights for the Jets/Giants, you bet TWC would still have it.
I understand all that. And that makes it all the more confusing to me. I think the NYC issue would have prevented it from ever reaching this moment. But it has and evidently some greedy pig at one compnay is really diiging against another greedy pig at another company.
On the other hand the greedy pigs at TW may feel in their ultimate pig headed way, that people in NYC wont have much choice but to go with them because of line of sight issue etc. I dont know. I dont get it. But I know when I heard the Sabres president say today that after the conference call yesterday at 3pm that he was part of and he does not think a deal will happen I think somebody, I guess MSG has really dug their heels in and may now find themselves without a way out and are just going to see what happens.
It truly sucks for everyone though. And I say this and I will be paying both of them. TW for cable and phone and MSG through DirecTV. But I am not going to miss my Sabres games. Although lately wish I would have been

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