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12-30-2011, 12:28 AM
In Dean We Trust
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Originally Posted by sjmay View Post
Can't sign anyone, trade for anyone, or draft anyone that can produce at a legimately high pace?

Hmmmm.... drafting, I will give you, but that's his philosophy, build from the net out, etc, we don't KNOW he can't draft wingers, Vey, Weal, Kitsyn, and Toffoli are too young, if NONE of them pan out, then sure, you can say that.

Trading? He traded for Penner last year, the same Penner that scored 20+ goals the past 3-4 seasons, he traded for Williams, the same Williams that had 20+ goals last year.

Free Agents, he signed Gagne, who has produced at a high level before, beyond that, not many Western teams can sign free agents, that's been established.

We get your frustrated, but seriously, what you want, simply isn't on the market right now, or if it is, it's insanely expensive, and isn't worth shooting yourself in the foot to do it.

It seems you want to cut off your nose to spite your face, and that is something that this organization has done far too long in the past and far too easy, and it's about time it stopped.
Vey, Weal, and Kitsyn were never really seen as potential top 6 players, they were taken with the probability of ending up on the bottom 6. Toffoli is the exception, but he is far from a sure thing. His skating has been suspect and he has been cut and passed over constantly by Team Canada, though not entirely his fault, he still has a long way to go. Dean just likes to draft his goaltenders, defensemen, and centers and then blow his late picks on wingers hoping one of them will hit. The only other player taken high with potential was Moller and we all see how that turned out. Dean needs to start focusing on wingers, if he doesn't see one at his draft location, he needs to create one via trade. Package some picks for another quality winger prospect.

I am not talking about 20 goal scorers. Mike Santorelli and Andy McDonald are 20 goal scorers... Not to mention his penchant for going after damaged goods from the discount bin and only players he is familiar with.

Gagne is the trifecta... Damaged goods, player he is familiar with from his past, and used to be good a couple years ago.

You misinterpret my post. I am not only suggesting we acquire an offensively gifted wing, which we had 6 years to do, but I am suggesting that we have a complete offensive shakeup of the organization. Fire the coach, re-adjust some assets to slightly favor offense to promote continuity in the future, and acquire a winger. "Not on the market now" was an excuse 4 years ago. It is not anymore. Not given the talent available and the amount of time given to acquire the player. By your definition, one will never become available. Bernier, Johnson, and a 1st can easily get you a winger, and would not be shooting yourself in the foot.


“We still have a lot of guys who haven't scored a goal since Jesus was a baby.” - Darryl Sutter
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