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Originally Posted by KINGS17 View Post
I really don't think the Kings need and IMPACT winger as much as they need a talented young winger that may be blocked somewhat in their organization the way Martinez, etc. are blocked in the Kings' organization.
He does have to be better than Martinez though. Martinez could play regular shifts on some other teams, but he is not THAT unlucky in my opinion. If he played like he played last season, he would not be blocked.

I want Kompon gone too if nothing else other than turning the page and bringing in a new way to deliver the same message. I can assure you that Kompon isn't telling the forwards to peel to the boards every time they enter the zone.
I am certain that Kompon has been giving players some wrong instructions. I remember last season Kopitar played differently on PP one game and after the game he said that they decided to change certain things. I am certain that he didn't return to the good ol' strategy by himself, against Kompon's instructions. Same goes for all other players. It was obvious that PP was supported by both Kompon and Murray. Do you remember that Murray's stat... I think he said something like: puck should get to the net from the point more than 50% of the time. He called the mad shooting from the blueline the correct way to run the PP.

I can not imagine that players have been given good instructions and they just fail to follow them. Player like Kopitar can do pretty much anything, from technical point of view.

I love Kopitar's effort on the back check and the hard work he does in his own zone, but he is so passive in the opposition's zone it is pathetic. He rarely works to get off the boards to the middle of the ice and is always willing to enter the zone, skate around the net and then pass it to the point.
I am not happy with his offensive effort either, but he is pretty much the only player on his line who can get the puck in. Both Brown and Richardson would have lost the puck long time ago. When opposition defense knows that, your options are more limited than if he actually had someone skilled on his line who could create space (see Williams Justin, former Kings winger)

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