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12-30-2011, 05:45 AM
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I know everyone saw Nick one time that pass over to Brouwer in front. Without a doubt, our PP needs our best passers to at least continue to attempt passes like that. The onus is on guys like Nick to do his part as a passer. Catching slow passes and then looking around does not work if you want elite passing for goals.

Blasts from the point/screens should be a fall back when passing plays fail. Then we can slow pass all we want, it gets screeners time to get in front; Ovi cant miss the slow pass one timer. I am glad Dale was working with Ovi on point play, obviously something is not working there. I think Ovi isn't getting them on net, he flubs or breaks his twig, or our screeners refuse to get in front of his far too often head hunter shots. He could stand to try some shots low. The shots may be too hot to tip. I would like to see him rotated down to try to finish some nick one timer passes. Just try it, who cares if it may not work. Rip it; try and thread it through cross crease. Not trying isnt working either. Nick may bounce it off the goalie or dman, or once they expect the pass, shoot instead.

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