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12-30-2011, 08:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Xegiie View Post
btw Jagrs goal, where you can see Roo reading that pens fan board

and the epic young crying pen fan

all from
when i first saw the video of the fat kid crying, it looks like he is rubbing his arm a littleb bit. He could be just rubbing the fuzz on his sweater for comfort, but i have a feeling that the girl in the flyers jersey punched the fat kid. I also believe that it is a family, the man looks to be a good match for the wife and the kids look like they could be their offspring.

The fat kid is saying something to the girl, they are making eye contact. Girl leans back and stares at her father who looks at the fat kid. I am guessing it's a family, the parents are on the ends so the kids don't have to sit by any creepster strangers (as a kid i always hated sitting by strangers) with one side liking the pens, the other the flyers. Would be funny if the fat kid was teasing the girl and she just punched him in the arm.. OORRRRRRRRRRRRRR he is crying that his team doesn't have Jagr and it's "unfair" that her team has it and her mother is comforting her.

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